We offer reliable partnerships for renewable energy production projects. With our service, we co-ordinate fully the connection of energy production to the electricity grid.

Our century-long experience and good co-operation partners guarantee high-quality, secure and reliable implementation of the functions related to the maintenance of the connection network and servicing during its lifespan.

Implementer of a sustainable entity

Our lifecycle service includes the planning of the electricity transmission network; the acquisition of the studies and permits required for the implementation; the construction, and the maintenance, servicing and reporting linked to the connection line throughout its lifespan.

By working well together, we save the environment, time and money.

Smart financial solutions

We offer smart and cost-efficient grid solutions from the point of production to the electricity grid as a complete service. By integrating all electricity transmission needs, we make the connection line investments more efficient and reduce investment costs as well as the project’s timetable- and cost-related risks for all our partners. ​

Lower environmental impact through cooperation

A jointly implemented connection line investment reduces the area needed for the power lines meaning fewer drawbacks for the landowners. Therefore, the impacts on the environment, nature and climate are also reduced. Fewer adverse effects increase the project’s social acceptability and streamline the permission processes.

Planning the implementation

Each connection line project is examined case by case with an aim to find the best implementation alternative. In the initial phase, we identify the most sustainable and economically viable implementation solution for the area, taking into account the needs of the different partners. We focus on all the services produced throughout the lifespan, so it is particularly important to understand the whole project and the solutions that best support it from the outset. We co-ordinate the needs of those connecting to the connection line and the assessments already carried out in the area.

Planning and building permits

During the planning phase, we work on a transparent and proactive basis through positive and open communication by listening to and in dialogue with the locals and our partners. We carry out all necessary assessments related to environmental and nature values as well as technical planning. Wherever possible, we build on and complement existing studies. We also work closely with the authorities, landowners and energy producers to obtain the necessary permits to build the connection line.

We work with the transmission system operator Fingrid to ensure that we are always certain about the connectivity to the main grid, and we take care of the power capacity reserve to the connection point. This reduces the disadvantages to the landowners and the environment and speeds up project implementation.


The basis of the construction is a well-functioning, safe and secure connection line. Our expertise in the power network business and our extensive and reliable partners ensure the construction of a high-quality grid. Our experience helps us deal with any surprises during the construction. A well-planned connection network is delivered on time. The construction is always agreed with the connecting parties and timed with the energy production project whilst taking into account Fingrid’s requirements for main grid connectivity.

Maintenance and servicing

Our reliable partners guarantee a secure and safe connection line. At the heart of maintenance and servicing is predictability and planning to secure availability in all conditions. The connection line is under 24-hour surveillance, and we react quickly to anything unexpected. We keep in contact with landowners, our connection network customers, the authorities and Fingrid throughout the lifecycle. We implement all the necessary reporting with regards to the connection network and provide up-to-date communication on, for example, balancing trade.

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